Our History

Our Walk For Water


The Rainwater for Humanity idea is developed as a collaborative research study with Mahatma Ghandi University, and it is established as a student group at Brown University.


120,000 L PROVIDED / YEAR -- The Achinakom Village is chosen as the pilot site, and the 1st community tank is built.


215,000 L PROVIDED / YEAR -- The vending model concept is implemented and an additional 7 systems are build in Achinakom.


247,000 L PROVIDED / YEAR -- An additional 3 tanks are constructed in Achinakom.


267,000 L PROVIDED / YEAR --The research project is completed with Mahatma Ghandi University with the construction of 2 final tanks.


447,000 L PROJECTED / YEAR -- R4H becomes incorporated and a partnership with M S Swaminathan Research Foundation is officially established, enabling the construction of 12 tanks in the village of Edayazham.