Our Impact

Official Program, Village 1, 2014-2015

Edayazham Village, Kottayam District, Kerala
Projected Impact: 60 Rainwater Tanks, 120 Healthy Families
750,000 L of Clean Water Projected /Year


Research Project, Pilot Village, 2009-2012

Achinakom Village, Kottayam District, Kerala
Recorded Impact: 14 Rainwater Tanks, 80 Healthy Families,
267,000 L of Clean Water Supplied /Year



Suma, Village Coordinator

Suma is a mother of two and an entrepreneur. She is a leader in the Women's Self Help Group and a chicken breeder. In Achinakom, she coordinates tank construction and sharing, and ensures all tank beneficiaries are satisfied.

Thankachen, Tank Mason

Thankachen is a skilled mason who lives near the Achinakom area. He was contracted to build all the tanks found in the village and experimented with new technologies to research the best method and design. He is pictured here with Suma, the Village Coordinator.

First Community Tank- 120,000 L - 20 Families

SHARED BY: Jimmol (Suma), Kareethara; Rosamma, Kariyil; Reethamma, Kariyil; Nironala, Athithara; Ponnamma, Eerathara; Ammini, Kochukariyil; Geetha, Kariyil; Sheela Shaji, Kunnathil; Sheela Shabu, Kunnathil; Nisha, Kareethara; Chandrika, Puthenparambil; Rajamma, Kochukariyil; Kunjumol, Ithipparambil; Omana, Vadacketharail; Usha,Tharayil; Prasanna, Tharayil; Vasanthy, Siju Nivas; Lillikkutty, Kochukariyil; Sulabha, Sudharmani Mandiram; Livin (Jaya), Vazhathara

Bibi and Shiela- Tank#1

Bibi is Shiela's mother-in-law, and they live together with her son and grandchildren in Achinakom. Her family provided the land to build the first community tank, which they now share with 19 other families. Shiela works at home tying coir rope or selling handicrafts to the Women's Self Help Group.

Seventh Community Tank- 18,000 L- 4 Families

SHARED BY: Sini, Nandhu Nivas; Manju, Sayippuchira; Radhammal, Kambikkam

Vimila and Vinita - Tank #7

Vimila lives in Achinakom and works as a rice paddy field farmer. Her daughter Vinita travels to and from Bangalore in her work as a nurse. Together with Vinita's two other daughters and husband, they share Tank #7 with three other families.

Sini- Tank#7

Sini shares Tank #7 with three other families. She has a son, and a husband who works as an accountant. She was elected Tank Manager for her Water User Group and manages the group's daily water distribution.