Our Team

Sam Lee, Co-Founder & President

Sam’s from Hood River, Oregon, and has always had a special interest in water, and in the ways it connects the world. He's worn many hats in the water sector, ranging from instructing windsurfing lessons in Oregon, to researching stormwater management strategies in Rhode Island, to developing potable water solutions in India. As a budding engineer, Sam has employed careful analysis in his leadership of Rainwater for Humanity since 2011. The winter of that year, Sam traveled to India for a life-changing three weeks, which cemented his commitment to expand the program’s impact throughout the many communities he witnessed in need. With this goal in mind, he has returned to India every winter and every summer since, and co-founded Rainwater for Humanity, Inc in 2014. Sam is in his senior year at Brown University, pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering & Environmental Planning, and plans to continue working with Rainwater for Humanity full-time after graduation. His passion for ensuring sustainability and long-term impact surfaces in detailed financial planning, growth strategy, and technological development. Since 2012, his research efforts continue to push towards new ways to collect and purify water for the use of underprivileged communities.

Daniella Flores, Co-Founder & Vice-President

Dani grew up experiencing water scarcity. She was born in Cuba, where water conservation and smart use was a part of her daily routine until she emigrated to Florida in 2002. Her past hardships have motivated her avid participation in community programs and volunteer work since high school and throughout college. This social drive led her to Rainwater for Humanity student project in in 2012, where she saw immense potential for scalable human development. The following summer, Dani’s visit to India revived memories of her childhood water limitations and deepened her faith for the program’s possibilities. In 2014, she co-founded Rainwater for Humanity Inc. and returned to India with the mission of implementing a sustainable aid model. Currently, Dani is in her senior year at Brown, majoring in International Relations. Post-graduation, she plans to stay involved in the Rainwater for Humanity program. Her persistence, passion for human rights, and communicative nature drive her dedication to developing a social enterprise that can effect greater and more lasting change than traditional charities. Additionally, in her role as a partnership weaver and fundraiser for the program, she connects Rainwater for Humanity to socially-minded mentors, companies, and private individuals to develop an expansive support network for long-term success. Achievements include winning the Ford College Community Challenge, earning R4H a $25,000 grant, and receiving the Brown India Initiative Fellowship.

Jibin Thomas, India Program Manager

Born and raised in our local community, Jibin comes from Moncompu, Kuttanad, Kerala. His deep knowledge of the community and personal understanding of the water scarcity problems plaguing the region inspired him to return to his hometown after graduating from law school to work full time with Rainwater for Humanity. His various social experiences in educating rural women and professional accounting and law skills enable him to work closely with beneficiaries to implement our sustainable rainwater solution on the ground.


  Alan Harlam | Director of Social Entrepreneurship, Swearer Center at Brown University

  Christina Tang | Founder, Blue Sky Energy

  Steven C. Wallace | Founder/President, The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company

  Barrett Hazeltine | Professor Emeritus of Engineering, Brown University

  Christopher Bull | Senior Research Engineer and Senior Lecturer, Brown School of Engineering