Our Tanks

Simple Technology Goes a Long Way

Our tanks are built from ferro-cement technology, ensuring their durability for 20+ and safety for long-term water storage during the year. Since the technology has been used in Kuttanad for a long time, masons in the area are trained to build these tanks cost-effectively and with high quality. Each tank is constructed on the participant’s property, making the water easy to reach at any time during the year. Between 10,000L-25,000L of water is collected per tank (depending on size) during the monsoon, and tanks have the capacity to fill about twice per year.

Sharing Means Affording

Since these tanks are not typically affordable to the general public, R4H finances the up-front construction and develops a simple payback model for users. Program participants choose the size of their tank and whether they will share with another family for cost-savings. A group of families sharing a tank will form a Water User Group and internally agree to share both the tank’s water and the tank’s repayment costs. Once repayment costs are paid off, tank ownership is transferred to the Water User Group, establishing the families' own reliable water source.