Our Model

Staying Affordable

Under our model, residents in poorer communities gain the opportunity to invest in the future of their long-term water supply. By receiving a rainwater tank, Water User Groups enter our tank-financing program. Beneficiaries finance their tanks at a fixed monthly payment that is set at the beginning of their enrollment. They can individually lower their costs by controlling variables such as up-front contributions, tank size, and number of families sharing the tank. These customizable choices give users the flexibility to choose a payment plan that is right for them in terms of years to repayment, monthly rates, and water capacity. The repayment plan removes the uncertainty of water prices from vendors, and guarantees ownership of the system upon completion.

Supporting the Community

R4H locally forms and supports a community-based Society directly influenced by beneficiaries to manage tank networks. The Society will use the funds to build new tanks for other families, maintain existing tanks, and operate the financing model services. Village-based coordinators are employed to supervise tanks and the collection of repayments from their community's Water User Groups. Beneficiaries are also incorporated in all aspects of the program through their Society membership. They will be invited to participate in general meetings and receive voting rights during major decisions. The community has  input in how the program is established and can directly support the program’s success.

Maintaining Quality

Beneficiaries receive full support for their tanks during repayment. Tanks are inspected monthly to ensure that they are operating properly throughout the dry season. The tanks are of high-quality build and receive direct maintenance under the Society.Members benefit from engineering supervision and management throughout construction, as well as regular upkeep and repairs through the duration of their repayment periods. Each year, before the monsoon begins, tanks undergo a full service routine: the filter systems are changed, the tanks are flushed clean, the water quality is tested, and any broken parts are repaired. The tanks will last a long time and securely provide water for their corresponding families.

Ensuring Sustainability

As a social enterprise, R4H pools money from both donors and communities to implement a sustainable solution. Through NGO partnerships, Foundation grants, private donations, and recurring corporate social responsibility programs, R4H raises financial and in-kind resources to catalyze growth. Simultaneously, beneficiaries are charged a monthly tank repayment fee, funding the program's overhead operation and multiplying tank construction.

Keeping Local

This program’s priority is to provide clean water sustainably by involving the community. Local women and residents are trained on how to use and build the tanks, how to consume water responsibly, and how to manage and deposit money collections. Village coordinators are hired locally and will hold community meetings before implementing the program, survey the households to understand their water needs, and assist program participants with any issues. Our solution is not only implemented, but also educates and involves the local community.