Our Solution


Rainwater for Humanity aims to deliver potable rainwater to rural communities sustainably, reliably, and collaboratively.


Our vision is to make every water investment self-multiply and last for life. Our mission is to deliver clean water sustainably to the community under a model that is deeply influenced by the served beneficiaries. We prioritize local involvement, tailored solutions, and above all, a long-lasting source of clean potable water.

Our organization stemmed from Brown University research on the sociology of local water management and water quality in the Kuttanad region of Kerala, India. Today, we are an expanding program that encompasses a USA-based management team and an India-based implementation team.

We finance the construction of 15K L capacity rainwater harvesting tanks that provide 2-3 families clean water throughout the year. To ensure a long-lasting solution, tank users pay for the water they consume, until the initial construction investment is repaid. These funds cover maintenance of existing systems and cycle back into the community as newly financed tanks for other families. Thus, each water investment results in continuous impact. Our program prioritizes local women leaders by training them on tank construction and repair, responsible water consumption, and business management and accounting. Regular maintenance training and community-based water education ensure the lifetime durability of tanks and smart water consumption.

Rainwater for Humanity Inc. is based in the Rhode Island, US and operates on-site with a local partner, the M S Swaminathan Research Foundation. We are funded by private donors and companies passionate about making a difference in a sustainable way.